Tess Mercer
Tess Mercer5
Some attributes
First Unnamed adoptive parents, Lachlan Luthor (paternal grandfather, deceased), Eliza Luthor (paternal grandmother, deceased), Lionel Luthor (father, deceased), Pamela Jenkins (mother, deceased), Lex Luthor (half-brother), Lucas Luthor (half-brother), Julian Luthor (half-brother, deceased), Grant Gabriel ("half-brother", deceased), Alexander Luthor/Conner Kent ("half-brother")
Second Member of the Justice League

Former agent of Checkmate Former CEO/Managing Director (LuthorCorp) Former owner (Daily Planet)

Third Above average intelligence, hand-to-hand combat.
Other attributes
Fourth Standard human weaknesses.
Fifth Alive
Sixth Tess Luthor
Tess Mercer as she appears in Smallville fan-fics.


Tess' personality is usually a continuation of her development in Smallville with her both returning to life somehow and continuing on as an additional Watchtower for the League. She also maintains her crush for Clark Kent but always keeps it at bay. Also, sometimes she's portrayed as having never been given up for adoption.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tess has no superpowers aside, but she does seem to be Oliver Queen's equal in hand-to-hand combat.


Tess can be killed by anything that can kill a normal person, as in several versions, she's killed the same way as in the Finale.


Conner KentEdit


Tess and Alexander

Tess comforts Alexander after the mess with Lex.

When Alex and Lionel held Clark and Conner captive in the cornfield, Tess arrived to talk to Alex. She encouraged Alex to make something of himself away from Lex's memories, arguing that despite being a clone, Alex isn't Lex. This encourages Alex to punch out Lionel, and the group heads off, with Tess having bought a house in Smallville. Tess then arrived at the farm, having enrolled Alex in Smallville High as an exercise in social skills.


Tess Mercer15

Tess tries to comfort Alex about his first day at school.

After Alex's first day at Smallville High, Tess learns that no one at the school likes him, so she assures Alex that he won't become Lex. Tess then recited a quote that she can't remember the source to that states that Alex should just be a man and let history decide what kind of man he is. To cheer Alex up, Tess and Alex have a fencing match for fun. Though Tess clearly has the experience, Alex finds a hole in her defense and lands a strike. Tess congratulates Alex.


Tess Mercer6

Tess at LuthorCorp.

After the incident with Clark Luthor, Tess came home to see Alex reading Hamlet and had a discussion with him about how it's a story of justice, impressed by how Alex drew a parallel between this story and how Clark dealt with Sheriff Ethan Miller after he shot Lionel Luthor and framed Jonathan Kent. Tess then let Conner stay at the mansion with her and Alex, telling him that Clark and Lois are entering the next phase of their lives. She then says it's gonna be a fun while.


Tess Mercer14

Tess becomes affected by Zatanna's spell.

While Conner was staying at the mansion, Tess had the two head off to school after breakfast as she went over some files on her computer. Once she'd found an e-mail from Zatanna, she read it and was placed under a spell to make her act like a mother to Alex and Conner. Once that was done, she quit her job as the manager of the Smallville LexCorp plant. Once Alex and Conner got home, Tess had made dinner for them, dressed as a mother from a fifties sitcom. She then explained what she had done to Alex and Conner. She also insisted that Alex call her "Mom". When Alex asked, she said that she'd gotten an e-mail from Zatanna, but she refused to believe Alex's theory that the e-mail was making her do this. She then served the gang dinner which was excellent and made them decide to hold it off until tomorrow. Tess then said that they can all watch Conner's big game. She also stopped Shelby from getting seconds. Once everyone had their fill, she encouraged them to work off those calories before she cleaned up. Once Alex and Conner come in, Tess has the two head off to bed. The next morning, Tess made breakfast for everyone. She then explained to Alex how she always knew how to cook, but she just never needed to put it to use. Tess was then angry at Alex for having seen Spaceballs after he made a reference to Alien. Once the two were done, Tess decided to go see Clark and Lois to bring them to Conner's game. At the apartment, Tess greeted Clark and complimented on how nice the apartment is, which shocks Clark. Tess then states that she's fine. Tess then greets Lois as the kids arrive. Lois then tricks Tess into checking the wooded areas of the bedrooms before coming down having made the house shine. Tess then reprimands Lois for swearing before she agrees to have Conner, Clark, and Lois over after Conner's game. During the game, Tess boasted about Conner's connection to Alex and reprimanded him for swearing. At the Mansion, Tess began making lunch while refering to the others as kids to catch up. At lunch, Tess has everyone dig in while she gets the guest rooms ready, not wanting intercourse in the house. She then runs into Lois. Tess believes that Lois is jealous of her for having the love of Lena and Alex as well as wanting Clark to have all the glory. She also thinks Lois wants Conner and Alex dead. She then slaps Lois and drags her to the guest room to stay there as a sort of time out. Tess then goes to the others and lies saying that Lois headed out. When Clark goes to get Lois, Tess approaches the two with Kryptonite, with Tess now believing that they want to take the three away from her because they think she's a monster. Conner then distracts her by arriving as Alex arrives and knocks her out with a dart. A few days later, Tess wakes up and is told what happened by Alex and Lena. She then promises to give Zatanna a piece of her mind once she's changed her clothes back to normal, getting frustrated when Conner and Alex jokingly call her Mom.


Tess Mercer11

Tess Mercer at the Mansion.

When Tess arrives and discovers that a small white puppy as clawed away a good chunk of her front door and bitten off the leg of her desk, she learns that the culprit is a puppy from Krypton named Krypto, who escaped with Oliver and Clark during the mess with Zod. She then insisted that they're not keeping Krypto as he has a clearly destructive nature, despite not understanding his own strength. When Alex blackmails her with photos of when she was affected by Zatanna's spell, she calls Alex's bluff but caves when it's clear he's not bluffing. She allows Krypto to stay but grounds Alex until further notice. Tess clearly dislikes Krypto and demands he stay away from her until he goes up to her with the dress she wore under Zatanna's spell and chews it up. She then calls Krypto a good boy and is surprised when Conner has rebuilt the door and the desk in a matter of seconds since Clark got the supplies while Krypto was going to town on the dress. When Kara is frustrated with Krypto not liking her, Tess believes it's because she whines all the time. She also finally sees the news reel of Conner saving the Washington Monument as a New Blur. Tess then demands to know what Conner was thinking since someone could have seen him and accuses him of thrill seeking until she learns about LX-16. Tess accepts this but says that Conner isn't doing anymore superheroing until he finds a better disguise than a t-shirt. When Dr. Polaris holds the American Senate hostage, Conner convinces her to let him go by wearing dark sunglasses. When Dr. Polaris escapes from jail, Tess assures Conner that they'll find them and also scolds Krypto for trying to play fetch with a log.


Tess Mercer4

Tess just before confronting Alex.

Shortly after Lois gained superpowers, Tess was visited at the Daily Planet by Alex. She then tells Alex how Lois is on a mission for the League and refuses to tell him what as it's for "eighteen and older." When Krypto is barking at Alex, Tess wonders what's going on before Alex pulls out a gun with Kryptonite bullets. When Alex points the gun at Tess, she asks him to take it easy. She still doesn't tell Alex where Lois is and even if she wasn't on a mission, she wouldn't tell Alex about it. She then asks who's making him act like this. Tess refuses to believe that Alex is acting like this of his own free will and insists that this isn't him. Tess then goes to Krypto when he's shot and yells in Latin "End this madness" to return Alex to normal as he heads off after explaining to Tess that it was Lionel who did this. When Lois arrives, she asks what Alex was doing here, and Tess explains that Alex and Conner have it under control.


Tess Mercer19

Tess learns that Lex is planning something severe.

After having been killed by Lex, Tess woke up in Cadmus and panicked, accidentally punching Alex in the face, believing he's Lex. Conner then calmed Tess down as she recovered and realized what had happened. She then realizes what happened and apologizes for punching Alex, which had led to a bloody nose. She then discovers that the boys gave up some of themselves to save her. She then asked how they got her here and warned the two not to touch her gloves, learning that it was a friend of hers named Question who helped her. She then goes to the Kent Farm, unsure of telling Clark what she did to Lex. She agrees with Conner to tell Clark and just accept what happens afterwards. She then explains to Clark that she's been recovering from a run-in with Lex, which led to her getting stabbed and dying, being saved thanks to Cadmus. She then began to explain what she did to Lex when she remembers how Lex was revived and denies it actually being Lex as she considers him a Frankenstein monster, pieced together by the best pieces of Lex's clones. She then says how she blanked Lex's mind, which Clark accepts considering how Lex knowing his secret led to the end of his friendship with Lana. She then agrees to let Conner move back to the farm, having been bought back by Clark, as long as Conner visits her and Alex. She then learns from Chloe and Oliver that Chloe's pregnant. A few months later, Tess was continuing her plans to rebuild the Luthor Mansion when she ran into Lex again. Tess, shocked that Lex remembered the mansion at all, learned that Lex had devised an antidote for the neural toxin and that the Master Work was still Lex, just with the best pieces of his clones grafted onto him. She also learned that Lex had apparently gotten everything in place for a big scheme and planned to prove that he was a better hero than Clark after a meeting with Pax. Tess disbelieved Lex's claims and promised that Clark and the rest of the League would always be there to stop him. She also learned that Lex had planned for Tess taking in Alexander and stopped Conner from attacking Lex after he made a snide remark about Conner and Lex being brothers since it isn't Conner's fight. Once Lex left, Tess asked for Conner's help in rebuilding the Mansion. A few days later, the Mansion was as good as new with it incorporating Tess and Alex's designs to make it look warmer. She then welcomed Conner to stay over at the Mansion if Clark and Lois ever needed to leave town for something.


Tess Mercer21

Tess after the fight with Bizarro.

When Bizarro had taken Conner's place and Clark had figured it out, Bizarro held Tess hostage at the Watchtower as insurance, having her tied up and gagged. When Superman and Superboy arrived to deal with Bizarro, he shoved her down as a show of not caring about her well-being. While Bizarro faces the Kryptonians and Martians, Tess tries to get to the Kryptonite vault but are stopped by Bizarro, with Tess getting tied back up. Once Conner punches Bizarro out of the Watchtower, he ungags Tess who warns Conner about a counter attack, leading Conner to fly Bizarro to Mars and leave him there since it worked last time. She also agrees with Batman that she liked Miss Martian better when she was brooding. Once Tess was dropped off at the Mansion, Conner assured her that he'd find Alex, who was buried alive by Bizarro.


Tess Mercer20

Tess as Alex leaves.

While Tess was taking a bath and sipping champagne after a long day at work, Question arrived, alarming Tess as she quickly covered herself up. She demanded to know what Question wanted, and he told her how he needed her to get Bizarro back on Earth to save Lana from Kryptonite poisoning. Tess then put on a robe and called Conner to her apartment. Once Conner arrived, Tess let Question explain the situation to Conner. Once Conner and Bizarro saved Lana, Alex barged in and demanded to know why Tess had asked Conner to bring Bizarro back from Mars, with Tess explaining about Lana. When Alex gets angry at no one telling him, Tess tried to assure him that she didn't want him to worry, but Alex believed she didn't trust him and only saw Lex in him. She begged Alex to trust her, but Alex refused to listen. Alex then walked off as Tess went after him, along with Krypto, but Alex doesn't believe that Tess does trust him and walks off.

Secrets of BetrayalEdit

Tess Mercer13

Tess talks to Conner about Alex.

After Conner returns from Cadmus, he meets up with Tess, and she explains how Alex left because he believed she didn't trust him due to not telling him about Lana. She then wonders if Alex was right, and she doesn't actually trust him due to subconsciously seeing Alex as only Lex Jr before she's comforted by Conner and told that he's sure she didn't mean to, and that they'd get Alex back.


Tess and Lana

Tess learns about the other Emily.

Tess later arrives at LexCorp to talk to Alex, asking him to come home as Lex arrives, telling her that he's already home. She then insists that Alex isn't Lex and that she won't let Lex turn Alex into him, barely able to restrain herself when Lex blames her of doing just that. She then said how Lex destroyed everything good in his life out of a selfish desire for control as a way to get Alex not to be like Lex. She then added that while she was like that at one point, Clark showed her a better way and that Alex has the same option as well as Alex having a brother. However, she seems to fail as Alex simply leaves. Arriving at the farm, Tess is upset over not being able to save Alex, being comforted by Conner. She then met a new clone of Emily, causing Tess to pass out. Tess is then awakened by Krypto licking her mouth, making her gag and insisting that Krypto get away from her. Tess then asks where Emily came from, learning that she was made by Lex. When Krypto drops a globe in Tess' lap to play fetch, Tess states that she's not in the mood to play as she was still wondering where Tess came from. She's then shocked that when Emily goes to rest, she says good night to her, she knew that Tess was Lex's sister having heard when Lex killed Tess at LexCorp since that was where she used to live, leading Conner there. While Conner was away, Tess was knocked out by men working for a mysteriously revived Lionel Luthor before she recovered with help from Conner and a returned Alex.


Tess Mercer9

Tess talks to Alex about his return.

Tess waited with Alex at the farm for updates on Emily coming back. She then thanks Alex for checking up on LexCorp for the League, recognizing that with Emily going missing, Alex acts like their fight never happened, assuring Alex that the only thing he shares with Lex is his face, adding that he also has hair. Tess says that Lex was too smart to leave evidence of any illegal actions in the open, though happy that Alex had gotten some things on Lex to help the League keep an eye on him. After Lana found Emily, and they all celebrated with ice cream at the farm, Tess' good mood is soured when Krypto went to the bathroom on a copy of Misery she had. She then asked Alex if he was ready to head home and asked for input on a deal with a company called LuCorp involving increasing budget without decreasing staff.


Tess Mercer22

Tess recovers from Dunleavy's spell.

While going over the final readouts of her visit with LuCorp, Tess thanked Alex for his help and assured him that she'd be home by the time Alex got back home from school. Tess then went to LuCorp's base of operation, the house Rachel Dunleavy bought when she came to Smallville. Going in, she finds Miss Dunleavy there, being the founder of LuCorp, using what was left of the money Lionel gave her. She agreed to have some pie when Dunleavy offered, which causes her eyes to dilate and slacken. It turns out the pie Tess had eaten was magic pie that made the eater believe that the giver of the pie was their mother. When Clark, Conner, Alex, and Lois investigated Tess' disappearance, they found Tess dressed as a five-year-old and believing her name was Lucy. She then told Dunleavy that some people had wanted to see her. When Dunleavy denies ever hearing Tess' name, the group decides to play along and leaves with Tess waving good-bye. When Krypto arrives while Miss Dunleavy is out, Tess quickly goes to it and wonders if he has a home, learning he is from a farm and decides to take him home. Just then, Tess is brought to the Mansion from the farm by Zatanna, marveling at the big house before Zatanna uses her magic to restore Tess to normal, making her wonder why everyone's staring at her and wondering why she was holding Krypto. She then realizing what she's wearing and wonders what had happened. She then threatens to ground Alex for life if she takes a picture. Explaining that the last thing she remembers is taking some pie from Miss Dunleavy, thinking about what flavor it was when Zatara asked about it. When asked if she has more pie, Tess finds a pie in a pocket of her dress, oddly enough. When the pie is confirmed by Zatanna as the cause for Tess' mental alteration, Tess takes advantage of the test to send Zatanna to her room for when she made Tess think she was Alex and Conner's mother. Tess then decides to change out of the outfit before Conner points out that Dunleavy will know about it. Tess is unsure what to do until everyone stares at her, and she objects as she doesn't want to go through becoming a five-year-old again. She refuses until Alex promises to alter Zatanna's e-mail, so she can have some fun with Zatanna over what she did to her last year. Tess then returned to Miss Dunleavy's house and claimed that she had been playing outside, and she agreed to tell her next time, so she wouldn't worry. She then got ready for dinner, hoping for no pie. When Superman convinces Dunleavy to return to get help and let Tess go, she turns to Tess and, not knowing she's already returned to normal, asks her to wait eleven hours for a big surprise, as Tess agrees and hugs her good-bye. Returning to the Mansion with Conner, Tess happily gets ready to change as she preps for getting Zatanna back, agreeing to only do this until Zatanna's maternal spell wears off on its own. Tess then agreed with everyone going back to the farm, with Tess agreeing with Alex going there as well. Tess then read the e-mail and suggested giving Zatanna more pie.


Tess Mercer24

Tess just after Slade's defeat.

While at the Watchtower with Cyborg, Black Canary, and Martian Manhunter, Tess was shocked to find a recovered Slade arrive. Tess was then knocked out by Slade with a stunner and dragged off with the others. Tess and the rest of the League were eventually saved when Superboy, Speedy, Zan, and Janya formed a team called Young Justice and defeated Slade.


Tess Mercer25

Tess reveals how she got Conner adopted.

When Conner questioned Tess about Smallville Charities, Tess nervously asked why Conner asked her about it. Learning Zoe had uncovered it while investigating his adoption, Tess admitted she had to make it up due to Conner actually being a clone.


Tess Mercer26

Tess warns Alex about reporters.

Tess also learned from Alex that a reporter wanted to interview him, which she was immediately against since if Alex screwed up once, he could end up on a medical table. She also advised Alex that she never met a reporter that took no for an answer. She then asked if Alex was sure he could handle it if the reporter came back, which he was.


Tess Mercer23

Tess comforts Victoria.

After Victoria arrived, claiming Conner and Alex were her thought dead children, Tess arrived at the farm with Alex to check on Conner and learning that Smallville charities existed before Conner, Tess advised him to be careful. Learning from the sheriff that Victoria wanted a blood test from Conner and Alex, Tess was surprised that Conner considered Alex safe, learning that basically, Alex's paternal DNA would show up as Lionel Luthor's which would coincide with their cover story of Alex being the son of Lionel and Pamela Jenkins. She couldn't do anything for Conner though as taking a DNA sample wasn't illegal. After Conner managed to trick the DNA test, Tess ran into Victoria on her way home from LexCorp. Unable to get her to leave, Victoria stabbed Tess with a sedative, so she couldn't move. She was then taken to the Dunleavy house and tied up and gagged. Victoria planned to kill her if Lex didn't admit Conner and Alex were their children. When Lex refused to give into the demands, Tess was nearly killed by an axe before Conner arrived as Superboy and stopped it. After freeing Tess, she offered Victoria a card for an orphanage, advising her to adopt a child after getting serious therapeutic help. She then offered Victoria help if she needed it. She then admitted to Conner that she wasn't sure why she did it. Back at the farm, Tess thanked the gang for their help. When Krypto panted at Tess' leg, she demanded to know why the dog wouldn't leave her alone. She also noted that she hoped Victoria would get the help she needed, jokingly adding that she didn't want to go through the Dunleavy incident again.

Dog's DayEdit

Tess Mercer7

Tess introduces herself at the Arctic tundra.

When Martha had come to visit the farm, Tess arrived and demanded that they keep Krypto away from her. When Krypto drops a stick in front of her, Tess shouts for Krypto to go away, making Krypto moan sadly. She says to Lois that she doesn't like Krypto thanks to practice. When Krypto puts a trash basket on his head and walks around, he accidentally bumps into Tess' leg with it and keeps going forward. Conner then sends Krypto outside as everyone looks at Tess, much to her annoyance since she doesn't want to have a heart-to-heart with a dog. She then gets further annoyed when Shelby growls at her when she refuses to talk to him, not accepting his barked demand until he literally barks at her. Tess then asked Krypto why he liked her when she obviously didn't like him, leading her to do some soul searching since her only answer is that she gives Krypto a good vibe. She then ponders about how she had thought she was doing what was best until she died the first time and that she'd like to think she's good now. She then thanked Krypto for his support as he had fallen asleep on her leg. Tess then admits to everyone that she likes Krypto now, much to Conner's delight.

Chloe, I Blew Up Your Kid Part 1Edit

Chloe and Tess

Tess and Chloe after Roy grew again.

At the Smallville LexCorp Plant, Tess was experimenting with a ray to enlarge produce. However, the experiment always ended with the target exploding. After an experiment with an apple exploding, Tess said that while the others could still have the weekend off, she'd check on the experiment tomorrow. She then confirmed to Alex that she was still having problems with the machinery. As she and Alex were taking care of Roy for Chloe and Oliver while the two went to Hub City, Tess assured her that Roy will be fine. The next day, Tess decided to go to LexCorp with Alex and Roy, assuring Alex that nothing bad would happen, especially since Roy had just learned to walk. She then asked Roy if he wanted to see where she worked, Roy happily agreed. At the lab, Tess figures out that the reason for all the explosions was that the laser intensity was simply too high. She then decided to use Roy's stuffed wolf, Wolfie, as a subject, despite Roy's objection. She then began the experiment when there was a sudden power surge due to decreasing the laser's power too much. After saving the data, Tess found Wolfie fine and gave it back to Roy, happy to avoid making Chloe mad and heading home with them to lunch. On the way home, Tess introduced Roy to the security guard, who remarked that Roy was big for his age. At the kitchen, Tess asks Roy what he liked, and when Roy wanted to go to a restaurant, Tess assured him that the food in the mansion was good and got a compromise by convincing Roy to pretend he was in a restaurant. She then took Roy's request for spaghetti and put canned spaghetti in the microwave and went to document the experiment. When she went to check on Roy with Alex, Tess discovers that Roy had grown to eight feet high. Tess quickly worked out that Roy must have gotten in the way of the beam to get Wolfie. Tess then had Alex calm down as Roy was still a baby. Tess then said that all the needed to do was go back to the lab, analyze the data, and reverse the process. Just then, her cell phone rang, and she learned from Lex that he's having the experiment abandoned due to lack of results, much to Tess' frustration. She then decided to throw caution to the wind and hurry to the lab before the laser was decommissioned. When Alex dressed Roy up to appear adult, Tess was sure the process wasn't going to work. They arrived at the plant only to find it locked. When Roy tore the door open, Tess decided to leave, and they headed out after Roy put the door back. Tess wondered what to do next, taking comfort in the fact that they had a week before Chloe came back to think of something. She then asked Roy not to tell Chloe about what had happened. When Tess saw Chloe at the Mansion with Wolfie, Tess drove off in a panic, unsure what to do next. Unsure of what to do, Tess eventually decided to drive back to the Mansion since Chloe wouldn't kill her, though she partially doubted she wouldn't. She then arrived and learned that Chloe and Oliver had rearranged the business they went to Hub City on and took her to the Mansion to explain what had happened before she saw Roy. Tess ended up revealing what she'd done just as Roy came in. Tess then told Alex to stop joking and help her get Chloe onto the couch, confirming to Roy that Chloe was sleeping. As Tess was near Chloe, she tried to influence her not to kill her, but Chloe mumbled in her sleep about wanting to do it despite this. Tess then learned from Oliver was playing with toys as Tess demanded that he stop. When Chloe woke up, Tess nervously greeted her. She was then choked by Chloe as she told Alex and Oliver to tell Roy to stay in the guest room and close the door, with Tess being freed once Roy arrived with the door. When Roy insists on fixing the door, Tess tries to convince Roy to let her fix it, only getting smacked in the head by the door when Roy insisted on doing it himself. When Clark, Lois, and Conner arrived, wanting to know what had happened, Tess explained that it was an accident, snapping at Lois when she remarked on how Tess shouldn't have tried to use Wolfie. She then explained how the laser was in the plant, which was locked down, and she couldn't go with Roy as he was. They then headed off, leaving Roy with Conner and Alex. When Lex met up with them and asked what they were doing, Tess insisted it was an accident when Chloe explained what had happened. When they arrived to learn that Roy had left and had grown to fourteen feet, Tess realized that the growth was caused by electromagnetic fluxes.

Smallville: SwannEdit


Tess Mercer7

Tess introduces herself at the Arctic tundra.

Four weeks after Lex Luthor disappeared, Tess went to the Arctic to take command of LuthorCorp and search for signs of their missing CEO. She turned out to be the successor designated by Lex to guard all his interests in case something happen to him and immediately took control of the search project, as well as help the Justice League find the Crystal of Knowledge and Clark. However, all she found was a bit of blood, leaving to let the League take over the search, which led to the rescue of Clark and Lex from Russia. Tess then welcomed Lex back as he was talking to Kara. Tess then welcomed Clark to the Planet as the new editor, having been appointed to the post by Lex after his return. She also advised Clark to wear a button-up shirt tomorrow.


Tess Mercer13

Tess talks to Lex about Davis Bloome being Doomsday.

Tess was with Lex at a board meeting when there was a call from Oliver that Clark, Kara, and Lois had gone missing. After the trio returned, Clark and Kara informed Tess, who informed Lex, that Davis was a being called Doomsday who Lex recognized as the Ultimate Destroyer from the Veritas Journals he'd inherited from Lionel. Tess was then shocked when Clark arrived, demanding that he not do that as well as being annoyed by Clark's new dog from the Phantom Zone, Krypto when he jumped onto Tess and licked her face.


Tess Mercer

Dressed up Tess.

Tess attended Chloe's bridal shower with Lex and Kara where she met Lana Lang. She later attended the wedding as Oliver's guest, discussing a sexual relationship they were beginning and how Lex had reacted to it, with him being very forgiving about Tess' side as he treated her like a sister, hinting at her true parentage. However, the wedding was interrupted by Doomsday.


Tess Mercer6

Tess at LuthorCorp.

Tess learned with Lex that they lost a contract to Victoria and LexCorp, wondering how it was possible. When Lex turned on a stereo to search for a bug, he remarked on how Tess had a Wicked CD in the stereo, resulting in Tess to defensively tell him to shut up. When Krypto later arrives with Clark and tugs on Kara's skirt, Tess states that she shares Kara's distaste for Krypto but also that he has good instincts. After Kara left with them, Tess denied Lex's statement that she secretly likes Krypto before heading to Watchtower to keep an eye on the group. When Oliver arrived to confront Lex about Lionel's murder of his parents, Tess misinterpreted it as Oliver wanting to have another night over with her. She then told Lex that she'll find out what other deals LexCorp is trying to weasel its way into. When an explosion kills the LuthorCorp board, Tess and Lex were saved by being late due to traffic. She later learned from Lex that the explosion was caused by an ex-employee named Winslow Schott. At Watchtower, Tess was confused about the other Lex's involvement, presuming he died when the Fortress crushed him. When Lex went to deal with the other Lex, Tess followed with Oliver and witnessed the other Lex's truck mysteriously explode. Remarking on the situation's awkwardness.

Smallville: The Last Family of KryptonEdit


Tess Mercer7

Tess introduces herself at the Arctic tundra.

Four weeks after Lex Luthor disappeared, Tess went to the Arctic to take command of LuthorCorp and search for signs of their missing CEO. She turned out to be the successor designated by Lex to guard all his interests in case something happen to him and immediately took control of the search project, as well as help the Justice League find the Crystal of Knowledge and Clark. However, all she found was a bit of blood, leaving to let the League take over the search, which led to the rescue of Clark and Lex from Russia. Tess then welcomed Lex back as he was talking to Kara. Tess then welcomed Clark to the Planet as the new editor, having been appointed to the post by Lex after his return. She also advised Clark to wear a button-up shirt tomorrow.


Tess Mercer13

Tess talks to Lex about Jude Royce.

Tess was with Lex at a board meeting when there was a call from Oliver that Clark, Kara, and Lois had gone missing. After the trio returned, Clark and Kara informed Tess, who informed Lex, that Davis was a being called Doomsday who Lex recognized as the Ultimate Destroyer from the Veritas Journals he'd inherited from Lionel. Tess was then shocked when Clark arrived, demanding that he not do that as well as being annoyed by Clark's dog, Krypto when he jumped onto Tess and licked her face.


Tess Mercer

Dressed up Tess.

Tess attended Chloe's bridal shower with Lex and Kara where she met Lana Lang. She later attended the wedding as Oliver's guest, discussing a sexual relationship they were beginning and how Lex had reacted to it, with him being very forgiving about Tess' side as he treated her like a sister, hinting at her true parentage. However, the wedding was interrupted by Doomsday.

Smallville: LuthorEdit


Tess Mercer3

Tess saved by Clark.

Tess was taken with her brother Lex and Lionel to the Smallville Plant, teasing Lex with his asthma when they go into the cornfield. Caught in the Meteor Shower, Tess' hair was singed off to her shoulders, and it remained at that length. On her first day in Smallville, Tess was in Lex's car when it hit Clark Kent, and she saw them come in to save them, losing consciousness before Clark had to use his powers. Thus began a similar friendship to Clark that her brother had started and an obsession with the crash. She also assisted Lex in untying Clark from the scarecrow post.


Tess Mercer11

Tess Mercer at the Mansion.

Tess went with Lex to a local fair where she met up with the Kents again and introduced herself to Lana Lang and made friends with Chloe Sullivan, encouraging her to pursue a relationship with Clark since Clark's crush on Lana was little more than a mild annoyance. She also stares a Clark for a second before admitting that they'd only be together in another life. Shortly afterwards, Tess noted that it was sweet Lex gave Clark the lead box. She also groaned over his obsession with the Meteor Rocks but wasn't able to argue the point as she had the Porche from the accident in the Mansion's Obsession Room.


Tess Mercer10

Tess at Smallville High.

Tess stood by Lex's decision to expand the Plant's workforce by twenty percent, though she was worried about possible backlash. She also enjoyed Lex's remark about telling Dominic's sister hi for him. Tess was witness to Lionel's fencing match with Lex and saw Lex lose. After that, she learned of Clark and Lana Lang's family troubles before going with Chloe to investigate Walt Arnold to get some fresh air and encouraged Chloe to go to Clark's first game to support his decision to play football since his father didn't. There, Tess saw Coach Arnold cause the sprinklers to shoot fire and was investigating with Chloe when a mysterious fire sprang up around them. Chloe called for help from Clark, and Clark saved the two, with Tess wondering how Clark was able to save them. The next day, Tess went to the game with Chloe to support Clark and met up with the Kents there. When Clark went missing, Jonathan had Tess and Chloe check the lockers. By the end of the day, Tess saw the fried remains of Walt Arnold and the Meteor Rocks he was using in his sauna. After another trip from Lionel, Tess gave Lex the Meteor Rocks in the sauna, which he put in his Obsession Room.


Tess Mercer12

Tess blackmails Nixon.

When a Meta-Human named Tina Greer impersonated Tess and robbed a bank, Tess was brought in for questioning and went to the Kents with Lex to do some questioning of her own. The robbery led to Tess meeting a reporter from the Inquisitor named Roger Nixon. He threatened to release Tess and Lex's sealed juvvie records if Tess didn't pay him off. She did, but threatened to wipe away all traces of him from the Earth if he walked out of the Mansion with the money, also blackmailing him with information that Nixon bought off his brother for the juvvie records to force him to help her investigate the bridge accident.

Smallville: A Mother's Love, a Father's StrengthEdit


Tess Mercer6

Tess at LuthorCorp.

Tess is the illegitimate child of Lionel Luthor and a friend of his wife's, Pamela Jenkins. She was given up for adoption at Lionel's assistance, and years later, ended up working with her mother and her step-mother, unknowingly, at Job Inc. She also does some work with Lex as well. Tess was the first one to inform Lex when Earl Jenkins took high school students hostage within the Plant and helped Lex explain the situation to the Kents. Once Lionel arrived, Lex had her go back to the Mansion to explain the situation to Lillian, which Tess reluctantly did. She ended up having to babysit Lex's little brother, Julian, and it resulted in her being tied up with Julian, who fell asleep on the bed before he could untie her, only getting free once Lex and Lillian arrived.


Tess Mercer

Dressed up Tess.

Tess arrived at Rickman's presentation to ask Lex if he was able to have dinner with Lillian, coldly greeting Bob Rickman. Tess then confirmed what Lex asked and left, with Lex explaining to Victoria that she was like the little sister he never had, subtly hinting that he knows of their family connection.


Tess Mercer13

Tess talks to Lex about Jude Royce.

Tess is about to go over paper work with Lex, curious about his disturbed look, but promising to stay out of it if he promised never to have her babysit Julian again. Later, Lex had Tess dig up information on Jude Royce, which Tess explained. She then stated that things would be easier if Lex told her what was going on, which Lex refused to do.