Pete Ross (Smallville)6

Pete during his speed racing.

The fourth episode of Smallville: Wayne.


Differences from SmallvilleEdit


  • Bruce knows about Pete's parents divorcing before Clark, having been told by Chloe.
  • Bruce also begins pursuing a relationship with Lana, with Clark's permission.
  • The enemy of the original Adam Knight arc is replaced by an adaptation of Kyodai Ken, going by the name Chad North.
  • After this, Bruce reveals himself to Pete, Jonathan, and Martha.
  • Lana also discovers Bruce Wayne is Adam through a news report.


Main CharactersEdit

Adam Knight3

Bruce Wayne at the Talon.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Sheriff Adams

Sheriff Adams during the Dante incident.

Minor CharactersEdit

Jason Dante

Jason is confronted by Bruce and Clark.


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