Jonathan Kent (Smallville)5

Jonathan becomes friends with Dr. Swann.

The second volume of Smallville: The Last Family of Krypton.


Part 3Edit

Differences from SmallvilleEdit

  • Dr. Swann, Bridgette, Jonathan, and Martha get to know each other while Clark gets the Crystal of Air.
  • Bridgette explains the House of El's backstory.
Differences from Smallville: SwannEdit
  • Bridgette reveals to the Kents how she got depowered by Gold Kryptonite, mentioning it six seasons before it's revealed.

Part 4Edit

Differences from SmallvilleEdit

Red-Blue Blur

Clark when he arrived at the Fortress.

  • Dr. Swann assists Clark in creating the Fortress.
Differences from Smallville: SwannEdit
  • Bridgette aids in some levity during the more intense moments of the day.


Main CharactersEdit

Clark Kent (Smallville)28

Clark holding the key.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Lois Lane (Smallville)11

Lois sees the destruction of Smallville.