Bridgette Crosby3

Bridgette talking with Martha.

Volume 1 of Smallville: The Last Family of Krypton.


Part 1Edit

Differences from SmallvilleEdit

  • Virgil Swann reveals himself as Jor-El, having barely survived Krypton's explosion when Lara got him through the portal after becoming paralyzed.
  • Swann also reveals how Krypton was destroyed by a war with Zod.
  • Dr. Swann also meets the Kents and explains about the Stones of Power.
Differences from Smallville: SwannEdit
  • Bridgette Crosby is revealed to be Lara, having been exposed to Gold Kryptonite, thus permanently losing her powers.

Part 2Edit

Differences from SmallvilleEdit

Bridgette Crosby2

Bridgette receives the crystal of Water from Edgar.

  • The story of Transference feeds into a point where Bridgette and Martha willingly switch bodies so Bridgette can know what it would've been like to raise Clark.


Main CharactersEdit

Dr. Swann and Clark2

Clark officially meets his biological father.


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