Harleen Quinzell
Harleen Quinzell (Smallville)
Some attributes
First Joker (Lover)
Second Former intern (Blackgate),
Former psychologist (Arkham Asylum),
Professional criminal
Third Skilled hand-to-hand combat, acrobatic skills.
Other attributes
Fourth The Joker.
Fifth Alive.
Sixth Harley Quinn

Harleen Quinzell (aka Harley Quinn) as she appears in Smallville fan-fics.


Harley's personality is usually made her Arkhamverse self where she's obsessed with the Joker and subservient to him, though she's capable of leading his troops when push comes to shove.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Harley is fairly intelligent with a skill in hand-to-hand combat, though no where near as high as Batman's, and acrobatic skills on par with Batgirl.


Harley's main weakness is her obsession with the Joker, leading her to make rash decisions that end up leaving her at the mercy of Batman on numerous occasions.


Smallville: WayneEdit


Harley Quinn (Batman Arkham Asylum)2

Harley confronts Batman at the elevator shaft.

When Jordan brushed up against Bruce Wayne, he saw a vision of Harley telling Batman that Joker doesn't want him following her or Joker just yet.