Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne (Smallville)2
Some attributes
First Thomas Wayne (father, deceased), Martha Wayne (mother, deceased), Alfred Pennyworth (guardian/butler)
Second CEO (WayneTech),

Member of Justice League

Third Genius intellect, master detective, peak human strength and agility, skilled hand-to-hand combatant.
Other attributes
Fourth His teammates in danger.
Fifth Alive.
Sixth Batman.

Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) as he appears in Smallville fan-fics.


Bruce's personality is always preserved, either being his Smallville self or his Nolanverse self. It's just situations around him that change, such as meeting Clark early in his travels. Also, he's usually connected to the Arkhamverse.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bruce is trained in various martial arts and at the human peak of mental and physical perfection. He's also equipped with various gadgets such as Batarangs, grapples, and his vehicles, the Batmoblie, and the Batwing.


Bruce can be killed by anything that can kill a normal human, though he's protected by his suit. Another weakness is his proteges or the League being in danger, leading to putting himself in harm's way to protect them.


Smallville: WayneEdit


Lana and Adam2

Adam and Lana.

Bruce Wayne, disguised as Adam Knight met Lana Lang in physical therapy at the Smallville Medical Center after being trampled by a horse. Adam provoked her to stop playing the victim and to make an extra effort. He told her that he had lost his parents in a fire, and he was receiving treatment for injuries received when he was training in Grandville. He also encourages her to keep moving, earning him the temporary ire of Chloe Sullivan. Adam then met Clark Kent and shook his hand.


Adam Knight2

Adam thinks about Rachel.

Adam and Lana started to grow closer and hang out together. He decided to stay in Smallville, and Lana rented him an upstairs apartment at the Talon. Adam then questioned Lana about her relationship with Clark and defended him having secrets, and he also said that instead of losing himself, he gave himself up. Adam then met up with Clark and Chloe again as well as meeting Pete Ross. He also defended Lex from Pete's prejudice. He also brushes off Chloe recognizing his face. At his apartment, Adam thinks about how Alfred told him that Wayne Manor had been in his family for seven generations. Adam then met Lex, trying to avoid meeting his face. Quickly assuring Lana that he's fine. The two bump into each other later and begin kissing before they stop, with Adam saying he was sorry. Adam then thought about when he and Rachel Dawes were kids. Clark then arrives with food from Martha Kent. The two then talk, and Adam confesses that his parents died when he was eight as Clark confesses that his birth parents are dead too, leading to a discussion about fate before Clark heads out, and Adam looks at a picture of his parents.


Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)12

Chloe apologizes to Bruce.

Adam went to Lana's track meet to encourage her. He later went to talk to a friend of Lana's named Jordan Cross who was acting oddly. In the locker room, Jordan accidentally touches Adam and gets a vision of his destiny as the Batman. Adam then tries to deny Jordan's claims that he's Bruce Wayne. Chloe Sullivan hears the argument before going after Adam and accusing him of being Bruce Wayne as well, pointing out that Bruce Wayne disappeared after the murder of Joe Chill three years ago. Adam also denies Chloe's claim that he can trust her before getting so frustrated, he claims that Bruce Wayne died when he was eight years old, and that he went to Joe Chill's hearing to kill what was left of him. Adam then leaves as Clark arrives, using a continued search for Jordan as an excuse. Clark then goes to Adam to apologize for Chloe, but Adam drops the facade and reveals to Clark that he's Bruce Wayne, having come to Smallville to cure some homesickness with minimal risk of being discovered alive before he can finish training to save Gotham. Before that, he spent some time in Japan, and is still recovering from that urge to kill Joe Chill. They then discussed Jordan's odd behavior. When Chloe arrives and apologized for snooping, Bruce apologizes and trusts her with his secret. Bruce then joins the others at track and ends up giving Jordan another vision of his future that Bruce doesn't push to know. When Jordan admits his abilities and states that Clark and Bruce are destined to inspire hope, Bruce scoffs at it. Bruce then learns that Clark's an alien as well as arriving the day of the Waynes' murder, assuring Clark that the circumstances of the Meteor Shower weren't his fault. Bruce then accepted Clark's invitation for dinner at the Kent Farm, which he informed Lana of before meeting Martha and Jonathan, with Martha revealing that she was friends with Martha Wayne. Bruce then hid the connection by claiming to be the son of someone who knew Martha Wayne at Metropolis High.


Adam Knight3

Bruce Wayne at the Talon

Bruce was walking home with Chloe and Clark, discussing Jonathan's recovery from a recent heart attack when a car nearly ran Chloe over. When they confronted the driver, a friend of Pete's named Jason Dante, Bruce punched him in the face. He also confronted Pete about speed racing to compensate for his parents getting divorced, having learned about it from Chloe. When Pete storms off, Bruce comments that the conversation could've gone better. The next morning, Lana discovers Bruce's picture of his parents and recognizes them as Thomas and Martha Wayne. Bruce then arrives, and Lana gives Bruce flowers for being such a good tenant. Bruce then talks to Clark and makes sure it's alright for him to go out on a date with Lana. Clark agrees, and Bruce asks Lana out. Soon afterwards, he meets a figure that recognizes him, but Bruce dismisses it as someone he knew from Tokyo. Bruce and Lana have their date, and it goes well until Pete arrives having been beaten and nearly run over. Bruce then calls Chloe and Clark, and disguises the three of them speeding off to the hospital as Bruce driving them. Once there, Bruce told Clark to never super speed with him again. At the hospital, Bruce apologizes to Lana for the date being cut short, with Chloe nutting that she could feel the awkward in the room. Pete thanks Bruce for his help, but Bruce puts it off as living up to his parents' example, thanking Clark for his comment that they'd be proud of him. Bruce then meets up with the Kents and reveals that he's Bruce Wayne, and the group talks before Clark and Bruce play some basketball when Chloe arrives. Bruce recognizes the license plate Chloe gets him and Clark as Jason Dante's. Bruce and Clark then talk to Pete about the situation and learn that Jason wanted Pete to throw the matches, which Pete refused to do. Bruce assured Pete that he and Clark could take care of it. He and Clark then head into the police department with Bruce making an announcement that there's a mole in the police force, and Clark uses super hearing to pinpoint the mole. When Monroe is outed, he reveals that Dante is at the garage, and Bruce and Clark rush there and take Dante under citizen's arrest as the police arrive, with Bruce joking that she could keep their names off the record, as well as joking with Clark about her. At the farm, Pete thanks them, and Bruce trusts Pete with the knowledge that he's Bruce Wayne. Lana then sees an old photo of Bruce Wayne from three years ago and recognizes it as Adam Knight.


Lana and Adam4

Bruce explains why he lied about his name to Lana.

Bruce meets up with Lana, and she confronts him about lying to her about his identity. Bruce takes her to a private area and confesses that he lied, but he justifies it by saying that he didn't want anyone to know who he was. When Lana called him a stranger, Bruce said that he only lied about his name. He then explains that he's trying to avoid people finding out where he is until he's ready, saying he tells what he's training for to the people he trusts, claiming he trusts people more than Lana does. Unable to stay mad, Lana forgives him, and the two kiss, until they go to Bruce's room and end up making love. At the Talon, Lex arrives and confirms that he figured out who Bruce was, and that the man from before came to see him. Bruce affirms that the person died a year ago, having witnessed it. Refusing to explain the rest of the story.


Bruce Wayne (Arkham Origins)7

Bruce during a match with Kyodai.

Bruce is hanging out with Lana and Chloe at the Talon and playing Chess with Chloe, joking by pretending he's playing Checkers as Chloe sticks her tongue out at him. Bruce then hears Clark tell him that the figure, calling himself Chad North, asked about him at the farm. Knowing it's useless to ignore it. Bruce tells them who the figure is. A year ago in Japan, Bruce met up with an old sensei who instructed him as he was searching for ways to fight injustice and use fear against those who prey on the fearful. His chief rival was a young warrior named Kyodai Ken, Chad North. Bruce eventually proved to be better than him. One night, Kyodai tried to steal the sensei's priceless swords when Bruce confronted them. The sensei expelled Kyodai, and Bruce protected the sensei when Kyodai threw himself at him. The two ended up at a cliff as Bruce offered his hand to Kyodai, but he refused and fell to his death. He admits he has no idea how Kyodai returned, but he does admit that he returned for one reason, to finish their match. He refuses the gang's help but congratulates Clark and Chloe on becoming a couple, having guessed it. Bruce then waits in an alley for Kyodai, but he never shows, striking him as odd.


Adam Knight

Bruce Wayne as Adam Knight.

Bruce and Clark are playing Chess as Bruce explains how Alfred taught it to him, and how he'd been a second father to him after his parents' death. He eventually beats Clark at the game. He then checks on things between Clark and Chloe, assuring him that risking their friendship with this relationship is better than wondering "what if" while affirming that things are fine between him and Lana, though he admits that he's scared that he's just using her to get over Rachel. Clark aliviates this fear. Just then, his cell phone rings, and he answers it, recognizing it as Kyodai Ken due to him using the nickname Gaijin. Kyodai demands that Bruce come to Level Three of the Smallville LexCorp plant with Clark or else Chloe, Lana, Lex, and Lionel will suffer. Bruce and Clark arrive, learning that Kyodai was revived by a project of Lionel's called the Lazarus Serum. Learning that Lionel brought Kyodai back to spy on Clark, Bruce defends his friend, and the two begin fighting. Bruce urges Kyodai to stop and points out that he destroyed himself by stealing the sensei's swords. During a final charge, Kyodai and Bruce tumble over the catwalk with Clark taking Bruce's hand as Kyodai takes Bruce's waist, preparing to kill him with a knife as Bruce's shirt begins to rip. Bruce asks Kyodai to take his hand, but Kyodai refuses, preferring to take his life before Bruce's shirt rips, and Kyodai falls to his final death. Bruce is then lifted up by Clark. At the Talon, Bruce hears that Lex will continue his investigations of his father. He then says he'll go back to training, though he might come back once or twice to check up on them. Bruce then bids good-bye to Lana with a kiss on her hand, and he shakes Clark's hand good-bye, brushing off Clark's idea of starting a club as he doesn't play well with others before walking out.


Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins)2

Bruce in China.

Almost a year later, Bruce and Clark meet up again when Clark is in China looking for the Stone of Air. Bruce is surprised to learn that Dr. Swann is Clark's biological father, Jor-El. The two then bump into Lana and Lois as Bruce is immediately recognized by her. Bruce and Clark then treat the two to dinner as Bruce brushes off Clark working with Dr. Swann as him bring a friend of Bruce's father's. Bruce then brushes off Lois' question of what he's doing in China and stating that Dr. Swann and Thomas Wayne were in a club together. Bruce also learns that Clark got a dog named Shelby recently. Before going to the bathroom, Bruce kisses her hand, claiming it was a pleasure to meet her. Bruce was then kissed by the witch Briana Withridge, possessing Lois' body. Bruce and Clark agree to follow them because of the odd way they were acting. The two confront Margaret and Brianna as she blasts the two back effortlessly. The two pairs confront each other again after Clark saves a captured Jason Teague, and as the two prepare to fight, with Bruce learning that Clark faced them before. As Clark is getting beaten by Margaret, Bruce uses a smoke bomb to allow them to retreat. They then uses Dr. Swann's data to find the Stone of Air in a room filled with blue meteor rocks that take away Clark's powers. Learning that the Stone is in the shape of the Kryptonian letter S, Bruce makes a reference to Alexander the Great, praising him for cutting through the Gordian Knot as a way to solve it. Bruce and Clark then use swords to defend themselves when Margaret and Briana arrive and blast them back. Bruce then learns that Margaret wants revenge on the Teagues with Bruce trying to convince them that it won't solve anything, but Margaret just calls Bruce a little boy crying for his parents, like Lana Lang. Bruce then hits Margaret in the head with the sword hilt as the fight resumes. Knocking the two unconscious, the Stone of Air frees Lana and Lois from the witches, and Bruce blames the memory loss on Jason Teague knocking them out, calling the whole family nuts. Bruce then walks off to continue his training.


Chloe and Lex

Lex and Chloe in the Katawtche Caves

Bruce returns to Smallville, readopting the Adam Knight persona, to see Clark, Chloe, and Lana's graduation. Bruce then meets Dr. Swann and Bridgette Crosby again as he helps Jonathan and Dr. Swann into the Kents' truck. Bruce then meets up with Chloe and Lois again, both giving him grief over his beard. When the meteor shower is announced, and Clark goes to check on Lana, Bruce accompanies him in case she's possessed by Margaret again. Once Clark has the last stone, Bruce stays behind to check on Lex. As Lex is about to see Clark, Bridgette, and Dr. Swann arrive at the caves, Bruce knocks him out, claiming he's getting a little too edgy for his tastes. Bruce then explains why he and Chloe are there, telling Clark that he's known Lex a lot longer than him, and he's soon who Lex really is, asking if he's willing to be his life on the belief that the good in Lex will win out.