Lara (Smallville)4
Some attributes
First Kara Zor-El (daughter), Zor-El (husband, deceased)

Jor-El (brother-in-law, deceased), Lara-El (sister-in-law, deceased), unnamed father-in-law (deceased), Clark Kent/Kal-El (nephew), Conner Kent/Kon-El (partial clone of nephew), Lois Lane (niece-in-law)

Second Unknown
Third All Kryptonian powers under a yellow sun.
Other attributes
Fourth Kryptonite.
Fifth Deceased.
Sixth Alura In-Ze
Alura as she appears in fan-fics.


Alura's portrayed as a caring mother and aunt as well as being a close friend of Lara. She also is shown to have been in a rough relationship with Zor-El.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite her pacifistic nature, Alura would naturally possess all the powers of a Kryptonian under a yellow sun.


Alura is vulnerable to Kryptonite, like all Kryptonians.


Smallville: The Last Family of KryptonEdit


Lara (Smallville)3

Alura talking to Kara.

When Kara looked at an image in her bracelet of Zor-El and Alura with her as a baby, she remembered her mother. One memory involved Alura promising Kara she'd read a book to her tomorrow. When Kara was sixteen, Alura called baby Kal-El the second cutest baby she'd seen, jokingly talking about powdering Kara's butt when she was little and tickling her rear, embarrassing her daughter.


Lara (Smallville)2

Alura meets Lana and Chloe.

Kara heard his mother's voice calling for his help from the blue crystal, which transported her and Clark to the Fortress of Solitude. Ignoring Jor-El's warnings, Kara inserted the crystal into the Fortress' console, resurrecting Alura as a clone. Alura embraced her daughter, proud that she had become a woman as well as reuniting with her husband and brother and sister-in-laws, now going by the names of Dr. Swann and Bridgette Crosby. She was taken to the Kent Farm, where she, Kara and Clark decided to take down Zor-El. They decided this after realizing that Zor-El had included Jor-El's victory ring which would drain Clark's powers if he wore it. At that moment, Zor-El arrived at LuthorCorp to confront Lionel and Dr. Swann when Alura, Kara, and Clark arrived as Zor-El was outed as the one who ignited Krypton's core and caused it's destruction. Zor-El overcame the odds and abducted Alura, taking her to the Fortress. Alura watched as Zor-El used the Fortress to create an eclipse that would wipe out all of humanity until Clark, Kara, Bridgette and Dr. Swann arrived, and Clark took the crystal out, planning to destroy it, until Zor-El revealed that it was what kept them alive. With Dr. Swann and Kara telling Clark to do different things, Alura told her nephew to destroy the crystal, as it was the only way to stop Zor-El so he and Kara could fulfill their destiny she, Lara, and Jor-El envisioned for them. Though initially reluctant, Clark shattered the crystal. Once the crystal was destroyed, Zor-El and Alura's lives were ended.